Accident & Emergency and Low Back Pain

A&E Department

Saturday brought us a patient who was suffering with severe low back pain and had been for 3 weeks!!! Over that time she had attended A&E. The visit to A&E had not been fruitful, she had spent 5 hours waiting, sat with low back pain on uncomfortable chairs watching the world pass her by. After 5 hours the lady was told to take some paracetamol and to see her GP.

A&E is an amazing department, but all they deal with is accidents and emergencies. So when they had determined that the low back pain that this lady was suffering with was not as a result of an emergency she was referred to the appropriate practitioner. No matter how severe the low back pain is.

As a Chiropractor I can appreciate how much pain this low back was causing this lady, with years of experience and a thorough examination I can determine the cause of the low back pain. Research shows that early treatment prevents low back pain and speeds recovery but also helps to stop further instances of it. Unfortunately this lady had hoped that her low back pain would ‘fix itself’.

The lady with the low back pain is now on the road to recovery, the initial examination concluded the cause of the low back pain, which allowed me to treat the problem with the correct action.

My advice to any patient suffering with low back pain is not to leave the problem.

Anything that can go wrong, will - I really can’t explain it but low back pain seems to flare up in the middle of the night when there is no-one available.

At Chiropractic First we have a special offer for new patients, the initial consultation is only £15 instead of £30. This initial consultation takes about an hour, where we learn all about you and how you’re feeling. Then we complete a meticulous examination to establish what the problems are. This in depth process allows us to evaluate any issues – we want to make sure that we can treat the problem we don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money if we can’t help. If we can’t help we will refer you to the appropriate specialist. To make an appointment call the Grimsby office on 01472 488082. 

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